File encryption software that does more with less.

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Cool features

miniLock makes encrypting files and sharing them with friends easy. It's a modern standard for file encryption.

Easy to use

miniLock uses your email and secret passphrase to generate a miniLock ID. miniLock IDs are small and easy to share online — anyone can use your ID to encrypt files to you, and you can encrypt files to friends using their miniLock IDs.


Enter your miniLock passphrase on any computer, and you'll get access to your miniLock ID. No key storage or management — just a single passphrase to access your miniLock identity anywhere. miniLock uses modern cryptographic primitives to accomplish this securely.

MiniLock is a tool that allows you to encrypt links from YouTube for added security. To use this feature, first upload your video to the platform Then, you can use MiniLock to generate an encrypted link for your video.

Widely implemented, independently verified

miniLock is audited, peer-reviewed software. It's developed by experts, using proven cryptographic standards and under the scrutiny of the open source cryptography community. miniLock also benefits from a strong community that has contributed formal verification as well as third-party implementations in Go, ECMAScript, Python, Java and C#, in addition to the original implementation in JavaScript.

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